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About Us

More people than ever are riding bikes, climbing mountains, playing sports, out running and walking.

In this fast paced world, our body needs fuel and getting the right food that’s nutritious, beneficial and natural can be hard to find.

When your energy is ebbing and you’re feeling hungry, your performance and work rate can suffer. Sports Foods Irelands Natural Energy foods and Energy drinks are ideal to keep you going, either as a snack on the go or used as a meal on their own.

Honey Stinger, Pacific Health Labs and Nuun are either foil wrapped or sealed in a mini plastic container to retain their nutrition and quality, which makes them ideal for people on the go.

So whether day or night, for work or any activity, Our products are ideal people who need Energy, Recovery or Hyradation . They improve the performance of your body and mind.

They take up very little space and can be stored in cupboards, perfect for packing into your rucksack, trail bag, pocket or purse.

Like you, they can go anywhere, giving you that vital energy and nutrition to keep you going.

How far? That’s up to you.